Ad Specifications

Print Materials, Rules and Contact Information

National Defense Print Specifications

National Defense Magazine is published through a fully digital, direct-to-plate workflow. In order for us to ensure correct, high quality output from your files, please follow these specifications.

Preferred Format

  • PDF: High resolution PDFs with: 1. All fonts embedded (no True Type fonts accepted) 2. Correct color mode (CMYK or Grayscale) 3. 300 dpi resolution. 4. No OPI settings (Uncheck “Preserve OPI comments” in Advanced preferences)

Accepted Formats

  • INDESIGN: All fonts and linked images must be supplied with the files. Avoid reducing large files placed in Indesign.

  • ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR: All type set in Adobe Illustrator must be converted to paths. Files should be saved in .EPS format. Embedded Photoshop fi les must be CMYK or grayscale.

  • ADOBE PHOTOSHOP: Files should be flattened and saved in .PSD format. CMYK or grayscale mode only.

Additional Specifications

  • Magazine Trim Size: 8.25 x 10.875

  • Line screen: 133 lpi (lines per inch)

  • National Defense is printed on a web-offset press

  • Files are output at 133-line screen for text pages and covers

  • Two-color ads must be saved as CMYK files

  • Please make sure all colors are CMYK – NO RGB COLORS

  • Black and white ads should be saved as grayscale files

  • Total density factors of all colors should not exceed 280% A hard-copy proof (laser print or fax proof) must be supplied so we can verify output. Color ads require a color proof.

Size Specification

Ad layouts
Size in inches  Bleed in inches 
Two-page spread*  16.50 x 10.875      
 16.75 x 11.125
Full page*
 8.25 x 10.875   8.5 x 11.125 
1/2 page horizontal  7.75 x 4.875  N/A
1/2 page island  4.877 x 6.875  N/A
1/2 page vertical  3.468 x 10.3  N/A
1/3 page vertical  2.171 x 10.3  N/A
1/3 page square  4.877 x 4.875  N/A
1/4 page horizontal  7.75 x 2.429  N/A
1/4 page vertical  3.60 x 4.875   N/A
1/6 page vertical  2.339 x 4.875  
*Full Page Live Area      
 7.75 x 10.375  

How to Submit Advertising Materials

Production Requirements

For information regarding production requirements, special positions, supplements, bound or tipped inserts, rates, and other information, please contact the Director of Advertising.


Original advertising materials are discarded 12 months after publication unless agency/client requests, in writing, the return of such materials.

Frequency Rates

Credits earned by increasing frequency rate are applied to future billing.


All invoices are due 30 days after date of billing. Past due invoices are subject to 1% service charge per month. Delinquent accounts are reported and advertising suspended. All costs of collection, including attorney fees, are charged for accounts referred for collection.

Dual Responsibility

Billing directed to advertising agency at the net rate approved upon condition that the client accepts “dual responsibility” for payment if the agency does not remit within 30 days.


Commissions of 15% of gross print rate are applicable to recognized agencies on space, color, positions, and inserts. All published digital ad rates are net payable.