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With digital advertising, your ads will be seen by the approximately 195,000 monthly visitors (178,000 unique) to our NDIA and National Defense websites, plus the 64,500 unique recipients of our three e-newsletters, who aim to either register for our annual events or access our cutting-edge industry insights. These individuals hail from the niche markets of high technology and security that are comprised of decision-makers and thought leaders of diverse backgrounds:

  • Military services, DoD, DHS, and the defense industry, including prime and subcontractors
  • Defense professionals from over 80 countries
  • Business users (.com) and Internet services (e.g. Verizon and Gmail)
  • Defense Department and Armed Services
  • Educational institutions
  • Federal government, Non-DoD
  • Non-profit organizations

In addition to website and e-newsletter content, NDIA produces numerous e-books and webinars throughout the year that dive deep into a specific topic and provide readers and participants with detailed information and exclusive insights. Through these e-books and webinars, our subject-matter-expert journalists and presenters deliver one-of-a-kind material to their varied audience, resulting in a great level of popularity for these digital offerings.

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