NDIA provides its members and customers broad outreach and sector coverage through its chapters, technical, policy, and war-fighting divisions, and the complimentary missions of its affiliate subsidiaries of:

• National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) - provides the training, simulation, related support systems and training services industries a focused, formal organization to represent and promote their business interests in the marketplace.

• Precision Strike Association (PSA) - Advancing the art and science of precision engagement concepts and technologies.

• Women In Defense, A National Security Organization (WID) - Cultivating and supporting the advancement and recognition of women in national security.


Along with it's three affiliates NDIA is home to 28 divisions which cover topics as far ranging as armaments, cybersecurity, health affairs, procurement and undersea warfare. Additionally, with 49 chapters spread across the country we provide our members a forum in which they can engage with one another on a local level. 


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