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  • Army News

    JUST IN: Army Learning Chilling Lessons in the Arctic

    February 26, 2024

    The Army’s 11th Airborne division, its newest division based in Alaska, just completed a joint, multinational training exercise that spanned the state and 80-degree temperature swings, and the service determined that not all its equipment and tactics are ready for Arctic warfare.

  • Budget

    Army Retreats on Another Helicopter Program

    February 16, 2024

    In a Thursday evening news dump Feb. 8, the service announced it was killing the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft program after investing $2.4 billion in the latest effort to develop a new scout helicopter.

  • Air Force News

    AFA NEWS: Air Force Battle Network Is Here and Now

    February 14, 2024

    The Air Force’s contribution to the Defense Department’s Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control effort has expanded over the last two years and it is now fielding capabilities, service leaders said.

  • Air Force News

    AFA NEWS: Air Force Reoptimizing for China Threat, Necessary but ‘not Sufficient’ (UPDATED)

    February 13, 2024

    The Air Force is not organized and equipped to deter China, which is why the service announced a package of 24 changes to its organizations to improve readiness and modernization. But unless Congress and industry step up, the reforms won’t be enough to get ahead of the China threat, the service secretary said.

  • Special Operations

    JUST IN: U.S. Special Operators 'Gobbling Up' Lessons Learned in Ukraine, Gaza

    February 09, 2024

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — While U.S. Special Operations Command has long been viewed as the “counterterrorism command,” it’s primary mission today is integrated deterrence, which is why the command is studying the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza to bolster its capabilities to deter adversaries in the Indo-Pacific, Europe and elsewhere.

  • Budget

    JUST IN: 2025 Air Force Budget in Peril if Congress Doesn’t Pass 2024 Appropriation

    February 09, 2024

    The March 11 date for the Biden Administration to submit its fiscal year 2025 budget request to Congress is fast approaching, yet Congress has yet to pass a 2024 budget, and that could devastate the Air Force’s 2025 modernization plans, the service’s secretary said.

  • Budget

    The Guessing Game of Shipbuilding Costs

    January 29, 2024

    The Surface Navy Association recently held its 36th annual symposium, and keynotes and panels focused on the need to “get more players on the field” — an odd turn of phrase for a Navy conference — by improving readiness, adopting new technologies, getting ships in and out of maintenance faster and of course building and launching new ships. However, it wasn’t until the last panel on the conference’s final day that anyone discussed the costs of carrying out the Navy’s current shipbuilding plan.