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  • Special Operations

    April 2023

    Special Operators Require Next-Gen Technologies

    By Jennifer Stewart
    U.S. Special Operations Forces operate in an environment of global competition in which strategic adversaries have a refined and calibrated understanding of the threshold that would trigger the nation to take decisive military action. At the operational level of warfare, the United States benchmarks authorities, activities and capabilities to phasing constructs for operational plans.
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems

    March 2023

    Navy Needs More Robotic Vessels to Take on China

    By Thomas Low
    In contrast to the land-based, high-intensity artillery battles and trench warfare currently raging in eastern Ukraine, the potential fight with the People’s Republic of China will be primarily waged on, above and below the sea. Therefore, the ability of the U.S. Navy to project and sustain power over the vast distances of the Indo-Pacific will be crucial in any possible confrontation.
  • International

    March 2023

    Will U.S. Export Regulations Derail AUKUS?

    By Bridgit Sullivan
    China is the first adversary the United States has faced since World War II that, according to the National Security Strategy, has “both the intent to reshape t he international order and, increasingly, the economic, diplomatic, military and technological power to advance that objective.”
  • Navy News

    February 2023

    Congress Delivers a ‘Ship-Shape’ Allocation for Navy

    By Chris Sax
    On Dec. 23, Congress sent the National Defense Authorization Act to the president’s desk for signature.
  • Manufacturing

    January 2023

    Additive Manufacturing Can Revolutionize Industry

    By Kristen Falconi
    Also known as 3D printing, additive manufacturing is increasingly becoming integrated in the U.S. military and has a growing influence in the defense industrial base.
  • Armaments

    November 2022

    The Precarious State of U.S. Defense Stockpiles (UPDATED)

    By Chris Laudati
    The war in Ukraine has left U.S. defense stockpiles significantly depleted. Current inventories do not undergird a national security strategy that continues to support Ukraine while retaining the ability to assist Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion.
  • Air Power

    November 2022

    Transitioning from Human Pilots to Drones

    By David Winter
    While promoting unmanned aerial vehicles, the United States continues to invest substantial resources in manned aircraft to ensure continued air superiority.
  • Manufacturing

    October 2022

    Semiconductor Industry Needs More Than CHIPS Act to Succeed

    By Emily Ashbridge
    While the CHIPS Act is a significant step in strengthening supply chain security, U.S. capacity to manufacture chips faces an unexpected barrier: human capital.
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems

    September 2022

    Commercial Drone Tech Proliferates in Ukraine

    By Hana Moumen
    The Ukraine war has intensified the use of commercial drones, giving the nation an unforeseen opportunity to counter Russian aggression. As a result, drones and their complementary equipment have become among the most sought-after technologies in 2022.
  • Government Policy

    August 2022

    Tech Regulations Through a National Security Lens

    By Kelsey J. Canfield
    Throughout Washington, D.C., there has been much discussion regarding the need for regulations and antitrust enforcement on large tech companies.
Displaying 1-10 of 54 results