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  • Defense Department

    July 2020

    Declare Social Media ‘Critical Infrastructure’

    By William Fotter
    Twenty-eight percent of adults in the United States believe Bill Gates wants to use COVID-19 vaccines to implant microchips into people to track them, according to a Yahoo/YouGov poll released in late May.
  • Global Defense Market

    April 2020

    China Fills Gap Created by Missile Control Regime

    By Brian Boone
    There’s no question that military superiority in armed and unarmed drone capabilities will shape international security throughout the era of great power competition.
  • Global Defense Market

    March 2020

    Brexit Provides Opportunities for U.S. Companies

    By Kat Lee
    Britain’s separation from the European Union on Jan. 1, 2021 will have rippling effects on the U.S. defense industrial base. If Congress acts now, it can solidify defense trade and security cooperation with the United Kingdom, garnering significant gains for U.S. defense manufacturing.
  • Defense Department

    January 2020

    Signs of Progress on Industrial Base Issues

    By Jens Pederson-Giles and Kevin Merrick
    For decades, defense policymakers have focused attention on the U.S. manufacturing sector as an area of strategic concern for the United States.
  • International

    December 2019

    EU Should Remain Open to U.S. Defense Industry

    By Christian Larsen
    The European Union soon may reach an inflection point in how it views its responsibilities to provide regional and global security.
  • Defense Department

    September 2019

    Insider Threats - More Than Just an IT Problem

    By Mike Patterson
    When once-reliable employees turn against their company, severe damage can result. The 1999 cult comedy classic Office Space provides a humorous example. Peter Gibbons, a software programmer fed up with being mistreated, uploads a virus to steal money from the company. However, Peter’s plan goes awry, and he steals even more than he intended.
  • Defense Department

    August 2019

    Army Takes On IP Rights Conundrum

    By Hannah Harper
    “Enabling Modernization Through the Management of Intellectual Property,” the Army’s new policy, tries to balance the government’s priority to maintain U.S. military competitive advantage by leveraging advanced American technologies while also allowing inventors and companies to fairly benefit from their intellectual work.
  • Defense Department

    July 2019

    Use EXIM Bank to Expand U.S. Global Influence

    By Christian Larsen
    The United States’ commitment to influencing global policy through soft power has atrophied recently, exemplified by a reluctance on the part of the U.S. government to leverage foreign military sales and direct commercial sales programs to further America’s interests in regions targeted by its competitors.
  • Government Policy

    May 2019

    Operational Security Erodes in Social Media Age

    By Zachary Kronisch
    In 2017, fitness-tracking application Strava released a map detailing all location data uploaded by app users, including U.S. service members stationed overseas.
  • Defense Department

    April 2019

    Defense Would Benefit From Paid Parental Leave

    By Alexandra Berge and Regina Wright
    The federal workforce is undergoing rapid demographic change with the ongoing departure of the baby boom generation.
Displaying 1-10 of 17 results