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  • Defense Department

    May 2022

    A Steady Path Forward for the Association

    By Arnold L. Punaro
    Today, we face a more dangerous and unstable world than at the peak of the Cold War.
  • Defense Department

    April 2022

    NDIA’s Future: A Hawk’s Eye View

    By Hawk  Carlisle
    As I depart the National Defense Industrial Association, I’m incredibly proud of all it has accomplished during the past five years.
  • Defense Department

    March 2022

    Women Sustaining the Tradition of Service

    By Hailey Matarese and Rachel A. McCaffrey
    Women serve. Throughout history, women have impacted combat and contingencies in many ways, as they worked to support their nations and their families.
  • Defense Department

    February 2022

    The Selfless Service of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment

    By James C. Boozer and Rachel A. McCaffrey
    Service to our great nation takes many forms, but in all forms, it requires a selflessness of spirit, recognizing the best outcome for the organization may not provide the best outcome for an individual.
  • Defense Contracting

    January 2022

    Building Supply Chains for the 21st Century

    By Chris Sax , Robert Van Steenburg and Jacob Winn
    As we ring in a new year, the impacts of America’s supply chain issues are becoming increasingly visible.
  • Defense Department

    December 2021

    Year in Review: 2021 Brought Challenges

    By Nick Jones
    America remains at a crossroads. Thankfully, despite the shared challenges of the last year, providing for the common defense remains a unifying core value within our country. The national security of the United Stares depends on a healthy, resilient and productive defense industrial base.
  • Defense Department

    November 2021

    Some Rays of Hope Emerge from Capitol Hill

    By Wesley Hallman
    While the news remains rife with the crises and fiscal ...
  • Defense Contracting

    October 2021

    Small Businesses Should Choose Defense

    By James C. Boozer and ML Mackey
    Why would a small business innovator choose ...
  • Defense Innovation

    September 2021

    Building Tomorrow’s Defense Workforce Today

    By Chris Sax
    American national security faces many destabilizing challenges ...
  • Space

    July 2021

    Industry Vital for Deterring Aggression in Space

    By John J. Klein
    The White House issued its interim national security guidance in March, which addressed strategic competition with China, deterring and defending against aggression, and ensuring the safety, stability and security of the space domain.
Displaying 1-10 of 54 results