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  • Defense Department

    December 2021

    Year in Review: 2021 Brought Challenges

    By Nick Jones
    America remains at a crossroads. Thankfully, despite the shared challenges of the last year, providing for the common defense remains a unifying core value within our country. The national security of the United Stares depends on a healthy, resilient and productive defense industrial base.
  • Defense Department

    November 2021

    Some Rays of Hope Emerge from Capitol Hill

    By Wesley Hallman
    While the news remains rife with the crises and fiscal ...
  • Defense Contracting

    October 2021

    Small Businesses Should Choose Defense

    By James C. Boozer and ML Mackey
    Why would a small business innovator choose ...
  • Defense Innovation

    September 2021

    Building Tomorrow’s Defense Workforce Today

    By Chris Sax
    American national security faces many destabilizing challenges ...
  • Space

    July 2021

    Industry Vital for Deterring Aggression in Space

    By John J. Klein
    The White House issued its interim national security guidance in March, which addressed strategic competition with China, deterring and defending against aggression, and ensuring the safety, stability and security of the space domain.
  • Business Trends

    July 2021

    Introducing the NDIA Business Institute

    In national defense, education and training play a key role in determining success or failure. The outcomes of battles and wars often hinge on critical pieces of information, who learns it, who learns it first, and who leverages it first to gain advantage.
  • Defense Department

    May 2021

    It’s Time for a Fresh Look at Resourcing Defense

    “What are DoD’s priorities?” This is a question all National Defense Industrial Association members ask, and one that every eight weeks Rachel McCaffrey, NDIA’s vice president for membership and chapters, and Jon Etherton, NDIA’s senior fellow emeritus for acquisition policy, try to address during an NDIA members-only webinar.
  • Infotech

    April 2021

    Trusted Capital Can Counter IP Theft

    By Chris Sax and Sam Underwood
    U.S. national security is a complex set of defenses against threats — foreign and domestic — running the gamut from terrorism to nuclear strikes.
  • Infotech

    April 2021

    Conducting Business in a Virtual World

    By Christine M. Klein
    On March 16, 2020, I departed Honolulu heading home after the conclusion of a successful conference conducted with our partner Indo-Pacific Command.
  • Defense Department

    March 2021

    The Biggest Risk Is Not Taking Risk

    By Rachel A. McCaffrey and Josephine Lewis
    “The perfect is the enemy of the good enough.” Fortunately, a close friend imparted this wisdom when the Air Force selected me for promotion to major.
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