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  • Infotech

    April 2021

    Conducting Business in a Virtual World

    By Christine M. Klein
    On March 16, 2020, I departed Honolulu heading home after the conclusion of a successful conference conducted with our partner Indo-Pacific Command.
  • Defense Department

    March 2021

    The Biggest Risk Is Not Taking Risk

    By Rachel A. McCaffrey and Josephine Lewis
    “The perfect is the enemy of the good enough.” Fortunately, a close friend imparted this wisdom when the Air Force selected me for promotion to major.
  • Defense Department

    February 2021

    We Can Do Better Making Military More Diverse

    By James C. Boozer and Chris Sax
    Throughout U.S. history, the United States military demonstrated reluctance to integrate minorities, arguing their “inferiority” or their presence would negatively impact morale and should prevent them from serving, especially in combat.
  • Image - NDIA Perspective: Industrial Base Continues to Face Difficulties Defense Department

    December 2020

    Industrial Base Continues to Face Difficulties

    Later this month, the National Defense Industrial Association will release its second annual report on the health and readiness of the defense industrial base, “Vital Signs 2021.”
  • Defense Department

    December 2020

    Challenges Ahead for New Administration

    By Arnold L. Punaro
    It is with a great sense of humility and excitement that I begin my second two-year tour as chairman of the National Defense Industrial Association.
  • Defense Department

    November 2020

    Reflecting on the Past and Future of NDIA

    By Richard D. McConn
    I write this article on my last day as chairman of the National Defense Industrial Association and want to thank all of you, our community of industry, government, military, academia and all defense professionals committed to advancing national security.
  • Global Defense Market

    September 2020

    Value of Foreign Military Sales Exceeds Profits

    By Wesley Hallman
    The National Defense Strategy is predicated on three pillars of equal importance to the long-term geostrategic success of the United States.
  • Defense Department
  • Training and Simulation

    July 2020

    Services Look at What’s Next in Training Tech

    By James Robb
    The National Training and Simulation Association, an NDIA affiliate, hosts the annual Training and Simulation Industry Symposium in mid-June where all four services discuss their visions for training systems of the future.
  • Defense Department

    June 2020

    Warfighter Ingenuity Gives U.S. Forces the Edge

    Imagination and innovation: together they can deliver enormous advantage to America and its partners and allies.
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