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  • Infotech

    April 2023

    Condition-Based Maintenance Requires Data Sharing

    By Tom Driggers and Cari Shearer
    What can be done to take the Defense Department’s efforts in predictive maintenance — also known as condition-based maintenance — to the next level?
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems

    April 2023

    Autonomous Weapon Policy Receives Much Needed Update

    By Wilson Miles
    The adoption of emerging technologies for national defense poses challenges and opportunities not just to the developers and operators, but to policymakers as well. There is no clearer example of this than the ongoing debate over the potential use of autonomous weapon systems on the battlefield.
  • Budget

    March 2023

    New Budget Prioritizes Science, Technology

    By Cari Shearer and Jacob Winn
    After a late budget request and multiple continuing resolutions, President Joe Biden signed into law a full-year omnibus appropriations act for the 2023 fiscal year — with increased funding for defense science and technology programs.
  • Emerging Technologies

    January 2023

    CHIPS Act to Reshape Microelectronics for Decades

    By Dr. Michael Fritze and Jacob Winn
    The CHIPS and Science Act, which appropriated more than $52 billion for semiconductor research and development and manufacturing, is one of the most significant industrial policy efforts in recent history.
  • Industrial Base

    December 2022

    Balance Needed for High Skills Immigration Reform

    By Ben Ackerman
    The U.S. defense industrial base faces a critical science, technology, engineering and math talent shortage, exacerbated by an outdated immigration system.
  • Emerging Technologies

    December 2022

    Modernizing Defense Through Crowdsourcing

    By Harrison Durland
    Although further experimentation and evaluation are needed, crowdsourced forecasting could prove to be a valuable tool for defense modernization planning, technological assessments and related activities in the Defense Department and industry.
  • Missile Defense

    October 2022

    Make Hypersonic Defense a Priority

    By James Krasner
    The development of defenses or countermeasures against hypersonic weaponry is as important to U.S. military power as hypersonic weapons themselves — if not more so.
  • Missile Defense

    September 2022

    Space Assets Critical to Defeat Hypersonic Threats

    By Samantha Beu
    Competitors already have operational hypersonic missiles — which have been demonstrated in the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the reported Chinese launch of a hypersonic glider off the Taiwan Strait — making the ability to detect and defeat such weapons a top priority for the Defense Department.
  • Global Defense Market

    August 2022

    High Skills Immigration a National Security Issue

    By Dr. Mark J. Lewis and Divyansh Kaushik
    One of the great strengths of America’s science and engineering enterprise has been that the best and brightest minds from around the world come to our shores, attracted by the opportunities and spirit of innovation that are the hallmarks of a free society.
  • Defense Department

    August 2022

    Value of Defense Department, Industry Exchanges

    By Wai Kwan Chung
    At the heart of the defense industrial base is a critical workforce of Defense Department civilians and industry employees.
Displaying 1-10 of 30 results