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  • Contracting

    October 2019

    Contractors Face New Reporting Requirements

    By Jeff Bozman , Susan Cassidy and Samantha L. Clark
  • Defense Contracting

    September 2019

    Lessons on Contractor Termination for Default

    By Alex Sarria and Carl Wiersum
    The U.S. Court of Federal Claims recently overturned an agency’s decision to terminate a government contractor for default. The case serves as an important reminder that, when reviewing such a termination, the court gives little credence to the government’s subjective beliefs regarding the contractor’s ability to perform.
  • Defense Contracting

    July 2019

    Changes in Treatment of Confidential Info

    By Kevin T. Barnett , Peter Hutt II and Nooree Lee
    In June, the Supreme Court significantly altered how government agencies will treat confidential commercial information protected from disclosure by Exemption 4 of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) — an issue that recurs repeatedly with respect to information submitted by contractors to government agencies.
  • Defense Contracting

    June 2019

    How to Challenge a Bad Performance Rating

    By Alex Sarria and Kevin T. Barnett
    While you might not be able to fight City Hall, you can fight a Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System rating.
  • Infotech

    May 2019

    Changes in IP Rights May be on the Horizon

    By Bryan Byrd , Alex Hastings , Jennifer Plitsch and Carl Wiersum
    Recent findings by the National Institute of Standards and Technology could limit the scope of U.S. government rights to intellectual property, to the benefit of contractors.
  • Cyber

    May 2019

    Keep an Eye on Internet of Things Legislation

    By Susan Cassidy , Micha Nandaraj Gallo and Katharine Goodloe
    A new bill introduced by Congress would require the development of detailed policy guidance that, if adopted, could significantly boost cybersecurity enhancements for the internet of things.
  • Defense Contracting

    April 2019

    IG Report Has Implications for Contractors

    By Ryan Burnette , Susan Cassidy and Michael Wagner
    On Feb. 25, the Defense Department’s Office of Inspector General issued an audit report analyzing the prices of spare aviation parts purchased by the government from TransDigm Group Inc. The report has important implications for contractors doing business with the Pentagon.
  • Defense Contracting

    March 2019

    Debate Over Qui Tam Constitutionality Resumes

    By Herb Fenster , Peter Hutt II and Carl Wiersum
    The motivating force behind the False Claims Act is its provision for qui tam enforcement, which authorizes private parties to initiate FCA cases on behalf of the United States.
  • Defense Contracting

    January 2019

    Readying Security Plans for Evaluation

    By Ian Brekke and Susan Cassidy
    The Defense Department recently issued final guidance for requiring activities to assess contractors’ system security plans and their implementation of the security controls in National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-171.
  • Defense Contracting

    January 2019

    Courts Split on False Claims Act Deadlines

    By Andrew Guy , Peter Hutt II and Michael Wagner
    When does a private party need to file a qui tam action under the False Claims Act? Such a seemingly simple question has resulted in three different answers from six different courts.
Displaying 1-10 of 44 results