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  • Defense Department

    November 2023

    JUST IN: Defense Department Selecting Initial Replicator Candidates in Coming Weeks

    The Defense Department will soon make the selection of the first tranche of “candidates” for the Replicator initiative, which seeks to accelerate the development, procurement and fielding of thousands of attritable, autonomous systems in all domains, the deputy secretary of defense said.
  • Emerging Technologies

    September 2023

    Learning Lessons from MRAP, Operation Warp Speed

    By Tom Driggers and Lauren Muhs
    When it comes to procuring defense weapon systems, there seems to be the same discussion: the defense acquisition process, even with all its reform efforts, is filled with inefficiencies. Due to its protracted timelines, bureaucracy and other barriers, the process is frequently criticized for its inability to deliver critical technologies to the warfighter in a timely manner. The current process is hindering the Defense Department’s ability to keep pace with technological advancements and outpace near-peer competitors.
  • Air Force News

    September 2023

    AFA NEWS: 3D Printing Can Produce Deterrence, Officials Say

    Efficient production and additive manufacturing capabilities are vital to the U.S. Air Force’s transition to a modernized force, senior defense officials said.
  • Shipbuilding

    July 2023

    BREAKING: Coast Guard's New Icebreaker at Risk of Further Delays

    The U.S. Coast Guard’s Polar Security Cutter still has a long way to go before starting construction, according to a government watchdog report.
  • Budget

    May 2023

    Jury Still Out on Multiyear Procurement for Munitions

    During a media roundtable in February, Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth touted a provision of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act: multiyear procurement for munitions.
  • Armaments

    November 2022

    The Precarious State of U.S. Defense Stockpiles (UPDATED)

    By Chris Laudati
    The war in Ukraine has left U.S. defense stockpiles significantly depleted. Current inventories do not undergird a national security strategy that continues to support Ukraine while retaining the ability to assist Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion.
  • Space

    October 2022

    JUST IN: Space Progress Slowed by ‘Bureaucratic Inertia,’ Official Says

    As the United States’ youngest service enters its fourth year, the Space Force must look for ways to speed up technological development in order to not fall behind competitors, a top service official said.
  • Shipbuilding

    April 2018

    3D Modeling Could Speed Procurement of Navy Destroyer

    By Vivienne Machi
    As the Navy prepares to award a production contract for its new Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer this year, service officials are touting advanced 3D manufacturing and design techniques as a way to cut cost and time for its major shipbuilding programs.
  • Acquisition

    March 2018

    Execs: Military Failing to Take Advantage of Commercial Space Revolution

    Whether it’s high-throughput communications spacecraft, flat electronically steerable antennas or the new wave of low-Earth orbiting small satellites, the military is failing to leverage the billions of dollars the private sector is investing in new technologies, industry executives said March 14.
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems

    January 2018

    Coast Guard Closer to Acquiring Long-Awaited Ship-Based Drone

    By Connie Lee
    The Coast Guard plans to release a request for proposals aimed at gathering submissions for the Small Unmanned Aerial System for National Security Cutters by the end of this month, according to the service’s director of acquisition programs and program executive officer.
Displaying 1-10 of 494 results