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  • Contracting

    December 2022

    The Ethics of Hiring Former Government Employees

    By Aron C. Beezley , Nathaniel J. Greeson and Patrick R. Quigley
    There’s a common quip in Washington that federal employees leaving their jobs to work in the private sector are “going to the Dark Side.”
  • Contracting

    October 2022

    What You Don't Know About Lobbying Does Hurt You

    By Gene Moran
    There are three categories of lobbying in the defense industry: those who lobby; those who lobby but don’t think they lobby; and those who have no real awareness of how lobbying could help them.
  • Ethics

    September 2022

    Ethical, Legal Considerations for Remote Work

    By Peter Eyre and M. Yuan Zhou
    As contractors settle into this “new normal,” it is also important that they remain vigilant to the ethical considerations and challenges that can arise in remote work environments, which are still relatively new to many companies.
  • Business Trends

    August 2022

    Court Protects Closely Guarded Vendor Lists

    By David Rikkers
    Successful companies are investing in efforts to create and maintain effective supply bases that best meet their needs, as well as replace suppliers that do not, creating benefits and reducing costs.
  • Army News

    June 2021

    JUST IN: Production Delays Expected for JLTV Program

    The production run for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle will likely be extended, according to the Army’s director of the budget.
  • Defense Department

    April 2021

    Biden Directs Broad Review of Supply Chains

    By Trisha Anderson , Susan B. Cassidy and Samantha L. Clark
    President Joe Biden on Feb. 24 signed a far-reaching “Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains.”
  • Contracting

    March 2021

    Justice Guidelines Can Buoy Compliance Programs

    By Anne R. Harris
    In June 2020, the Department of Justice criminal division updated its “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs” document.
  • Defense Department

    February 2021

    Future Uncertain for Industrial Base as Pandemic Spreads

    By Connie Lee
    While the United States continues to deal with challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still too early to know how the health of the defense industry will fare in the long run, according to analysts.
  • Defense Department

    February 2021

    BREAKING: Study Finds U.S. Defense Industrial Base on Negative Trajectory (UPDATED)

    By Yasmin Tadjdeh
    For the second year in a row, the defense industrial base is a on a negative trajectory and facing a myriad of issues including industrial security and supply chain problems, according to a new report released Feb. 2.
  • Contracting

    January 2021

    Procurement Collusion Strike Force Gets a Boost

    By Ross Demain , Mike Pierce and Michael Wagner
    Just over a year after launching the Procurement Collusion Strike Force, the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division announced new measures to further its pursuit of antitrust and related schemes in government procurement, grant and program funding. These changes expand the strike force’s enforcement capacity and signal the department’s enduring — and intensifying — commitment to its mission.
Displaying 1-10 of 66 results