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  • Government Policy

    August 2022

    Tech Regulations Through a National Security Lens

    By Kelsey J. Canfield
    Throughout Washington, D.C., there has been much discussion regarding the need for regulations and antitrust enforcement on large tech companies.
  • Government Policy

    February 2021

    JUST IN: Senate Leader Supports Maintaining Nuclear Triad Budget

    By Meredith Roaten
    Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., said he supports maintaining budget levels for the legs of the nuclear triad, but expects the overall defense budget to flatten as cuts to legacy programs are considered.
  • Global Defense Market

    July 2020

    JUST IN: U.S. May Loosen Weapons Export Restrictions in Coming Months

    By Jon Harper
    The Trump administration may soon allow a wider range of U.S. military technology to be exported to partners and allies, according to a top Pentagon official.
  • Government Policy

    September 2019

    Fear of the ‘L’ Word Affecting Bottom Lines

    By Caroline Gelinne and Gene Moran
    Many in government sales miss opportunities to strengthen their customer base by ignoring the impact of effective lobbying.
  • Defense Contracting

    September 2019

    Lessons on Contractor Termination for Default

    By Alex Sarria and Carl Wiersum
    The U.S. Court of Federal Claims recently overturned an agency’s decision to terminate a government contractor for default. The case serves as an important reminder that, when reviewing such a termination, the court gives little credence to the government’s subjective beliefs regarding the contractor’s ability to perform.
  • Budget

    August 2019

    Budgets Require Industry-Government Cooperation

    By Wesley Hallman
    We should all celebrate the recent passage and signing of the 2019 Bipartisan Budget Act that ended the federal budget impasse and did away with the destructive spending caps imposed by the 2011 Budget Control Act.
  • Government Policy

    May 2019

    Operational Security Erodes in Social Media Age

    By Zachary Kronisch
    In 2017, fitness-tracking application Strava released a map detailing all location data uploaded by app users, including U.S. service members stationed overseas.
  • Defense Department

    April 2019

    Defense Would Benefit From Paid Parental Leave

    By Alexandra Berge and Regina Wright
    The federal workforce is undergoing rapid demographic change with the ongoing departure of the baby boom generation.
  • Defense Contracting

    April 2019

    IG Report Has Implications for Contractors

    By Ryan Burnette , Susan Cassidy and Michael Wagner
    On Feb. 25, the Defense Department’s Office of Inspector General issued an audit report analyzing the prices of spare aviation parts purchased by the government from TransDigm Group Inc. The report has important implications for contractors doing business with the Pentagon.
  • Defense Contracting

    March 2019

    Debate Over Qui Tam Constitutionality Resumes

    By Herb Fenster , Peter Hutt II and Carl Wiersum
    The motivating force behind the False Claims Act is its provision for qui tam enforcement, which authorizes private parties to initiate FCA cases on behalf of the United States.
Displaying 1-10 of 108 results