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 Ethics Corner

Wells Fargo: The Lessons of an Ethics Failure
What is one to make of the Wells Fargo cultural miasma that led to the bank paying a $100 million fine to the Consumer Finance Protection Board, the largest in the agency's short history?
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 Government Contracting Insights

Final Rule Issued on Cyber Incident Reporting
The Department of Defense Oct. 4 issued a final cyber rule addressing mandatory cyber incident reporting requirements for companies that enter into “agreements” with the department.
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During a closed-door meeting with top industry executives last month, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter once again sought to drive home the message that companies need to break out of their cocoon to help the Pentagon bring the next wave of innovation.
The Navy is expediting its effort to acquire a carrier-launched unmanned tanker, as service officials seek to usher in a new era of naval aviation.
After years of stagnation, the market for U.S. military ground robots is set to grow as a handful of programs enter their final development stages.

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 President's Perspective

Trump's Military Plans Require Deft Hands
President-Elect Donald Trump's administration will need to dedicate immediate attention to the budget.
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 Defense Watch

How Trump Might Reform Defense Business
An oft-repeated line of President-elect Donald Trump's presidential campaign was a promise to "drain the swamp in Washington D.C." If the pledge is honored, the Defense Department could be in for a shakeup.
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 Technology Tomorrow

Unpacking the Idea of Armed Ground Robots
Almost a decade after the U.S. Army sent three armed ground robots to Iraq, the machines are not in the U.S. military inventory and are, in fact, rarely discussed publicly.
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