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When former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel paused littoral combat ship contract negotiations in 2014 to look at alternatives to the vessel, some thought it portended the early end of a ship maligned for its perceived lack of combat prowess.
The Air Force and the nation’s key space launch provider are expressing doubts that a deadline will be met to replace a Russian-built rocket engine needed to loft heavy national security satellites.
Governments and groups across the globe are using these slip-ups, and other pieces of information gleaned from the internet, to gain a better understanding of what terror organizations, such as the Islamic State, may be planning.

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Budget Fight: Big-Ticket Weapons Square Off
In these times of tight military budgets, contractors anxiously parse every word uttered by generals, admirals and civilian leaders, searching for clues about where key programs might be headed.
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In the April podcast, National Defense looks at the Pentagon's efforts to regain its innovation mojo, disagreements over a 2019 deadline to replace a Russian-built rocket engine with an American-built one and the Navy's campaign to upgrade its littoral combat ships with new weapon systems.