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 Ethics Corner

Translations Key to Global Investigations
The combination of increased globalization and intensified regulation presents complex risks for contractors doing business internationally.
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 Government Contracting Insights

Reining in the 'Qui Tam' Industry
It is hardly a mystery to government contractors that there is a "qui tam" provision in that act making discontented employees, casual onlookers and even those on the margins of the government itself potential litigants against them.
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While hybrid and electric engines are becoming commonplace for cars and trucks, that is not the case for aircraft.
The Pentagon's plan to acquire a new nuclear air-launched cruise missile could be in jeopardy due to budget constraints and political opposition.
Even as the Defense Department prepares to implement a new regulation to help mitigate insider threats, security breaches are continuing.

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National Defense Digital Edition

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 President's Perspective

Industrial Base a Part of Force Structure
The size and shape of the defense industrial base has to be indirectly managed by the government's transmission of market signals to which companies will react.
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 Defense Watch

Talent Gap Concerns Loom Larger Than Ever
An innovation deficit in the Defense Department and the weapons-making industry has been a central focus on Pentagon chief Ashton Carter's agenda.
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 Technology Tomorrow

Imagining the Army of Tomorrow's Platforms
From where it stands in the year 2016, the U.S. Army's technology of tomorrow is likely to be the technology of today.
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In the October podcast National Defense looks at the development of the Warrior Web robotic exosuit program, that could reduce war fighter fatigue and prevent injuries, new improvements to night vision technology that help to reduce the size, weight and power consumption of goggles, and how the U.S. Navy is seeking to make unmanned underwater vehicles interoperable with other unmanned platforms.