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Augmented Reality Can Better Inform Troops
Soldiers on the ground often feel overwhelmed with too much information, and the need to look at a smartphone or wearable computer can be a distraction during a life-or-death firefight.
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Some experts believe unmanned underwater vehicles could one day take a greater role in undersea warfare, recovery missions, logistic operations and environmental study.
The Navy’s unmanned carrier-launched airborne surveillance and strike aircraft, still in the early stages of development, has long-term requirements to carry out missions deep in an adversary’s territory.
Air Force officials over the past few years have been happy to talk publicly about how much they need a new long-range strike bomber, but have given it a “secret” classification and share few other details.

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Elusive ‘Grand Bargain’ on Military Benefits
Few issues in Washington are as politically toxic as meddling with military pay and benefits.
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