Who Will You Reach?

Print & digital advertisements will reach:

Members and key staff of the House and Senate 

General/Flag officers in military services 

Government & military acquisition/procurement workforce 

Department of Defense personnel 

Corporate executives 

Industry prime contractors & subcontractors 

Engineers & Scientists 

Military, government and industry project managers 

Personnel in the research and development community 






















Professional consulting and service firms 


And more... 



Reader/MEMBER Profile


Is a decision-maker or decision-influencer


Involved in purchasing, contracting decisions   



Has taken an action as a result of seeing an ad in    

   National Defense (56%) 


Has a post-graduate degree (56%) or studied at 

   the post-graduate level (13%) 


Travels extensively — 9.5 business trips within a 

   year (77%) 


Reports a six-figure household income (77%)

   (Source: publisher’s own data)