Website Sponsorship

NDIA has two websites which we place banner ads. One is and the other is These two sites receive about 90,000 visitors a month (53,100 unique) from the niche market of high technology and security, which includes decision-makers from the military services, DoD, DHS and the defense industry prime and subcontractors.

• Decision-makers from the military services, DoD, DHS and the Defense Industry

• Defense professionals from over 80 countries

• 73% Business Users (.com) and Internet Services (i.e., Verizon and Gmail)

• 19% Defense Department and Armed Services

• 4% Educational Institutions

• 2% Federal Government, Non-DoD

• 2% Nonprofit Organizations 

Currently on these websites we have three sizes of banners available a 300 x 250 pixel, a 300 x 600 pixel, a 970 x 90 pixel and a 970 x 250 pixel.

Ad Sizing 2018 Pricing
300x250 $2,500.00
300x600 $3,500.00
970x90 $3,000.00
970x250 $4,000.00