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  • Cybersecurity

    September 2018

    Small Contractors Struggle with Cyber Rules

    By Corbin Evans
    Clear policy drives effective implementation. Conversely, complex, opaque policy frequently leads to confusion and lack of compliance. Unfortunately, complexity and lack of understanding limit the Defense Department’s efforts to enhance cybersecurity in its supply chain.
  • Defense Department

    July 2018

    Reforms Deliver Wins for Small Businesses

    By Christopher Smith
    By some metrics, 2017 was a banner year for small business federal contractors.
  • International

    June 2018

    Creating a Bulwark Against Chinese IP Theft

    By Christian Larsen
    Army Gen. Keith B. Alexander, then-U.S. Cyber Command commander and director of the National Security Agency, once famously — or infamously — stated that the illegal extraction of U.S. technology and intellectual property through cyber intrusion represented “the greatest transfer of wealth in history.”
Displaying 1-3 of 3 results