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  • Defense Department

    January 2019

    NDIA at 100: Building on a Strong Foundation

    By James C. Boozer
    I write this as we mark the 100th anniversary of World War I’s Armistice and NDIA begins preparations to celebrate 100 years of advocating for American warfighters.
  • Defense Contracting

    December 2018

    Association Building on a Strong Foundation

    In 1918, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the guns fell silent and an armistice went into effect in Central Europe, bringing an end to World War I combat operations.
  • Defense Department

    November 2018

    A Call to Get Involved in the Association

    By Richard D. McConn
    I am excited to assume leadership as the National Defense Industrial Association is poised for growth, both in size and influence.
  • Defense Department

    September 2018

    Successes in a Time of Transition

    By Sid Ashworth
    As my tenure as chair of the board of directors for the National Defense Industrial Association comes to an end, I am pleased to share with you our 2018 successes.
  • Science and Engineering Technology

    September 2018

    Education Key to Keeping Strong Industrial Base

    By Wesley Hallman
    The National Defense Industrial Association’s calling is simple and compelling. It believes in a strong national defense and a U.S. defense industrial base that provides the best possible capabilities and services to the nation’s forces to keep them superior to any potential adversary or competitor.
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems

    July 2018

    The Imperative for Artificial Intelligence

    By Frank J. Michael and Shane Shaneman
    The United States enjoys a long track record of dominating conventional military operations, driven in large part by our technological superiority — the nation’s ability to develop new capabilities and rapidly integrate them into military operations.
  • Defense Department

    June 2018

    Industry Conferences More Valuable Than Ever

    As the National Defense Industrial Association’s president and CEO, I’m sometimes asked about the purpose and value of our conferences, meetings and events.
  • Defense Department

    May 2018

    Charting a Course for Career Development

    By Rachel A. McCaffrey
    As a young second lieutenant supporting an aircrew for the first time, I offered to “get the maps” for a pre-mission briefing.
  • Defense Department

    April 2018

    Existential Threats Require All Levers of Power

    The United States must pivot to focus on great power competition.
  • Budget

    March 2018

    Leverage Budget Agreement to Boost Defense

    By James C. Boozer
    Everyone at the National Defense Industrial Association cheered when Congress not only delivered a fiscal year 2018 budget topline but also took the opportunity to build a small level of predictability into Defense Department resourcing by passing a two-year bipartisan budget agreement to establish funding levels through 2019.
Displaying 1-10 of 12 results