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  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems

    September 2018

    AI: The Future of the Defense Industry?

    By Susan Cassidy , Calvin Cohen and Zachary Mears
    The technologies of the defense industry are in the early stages of a seismic shift in the area of intelligent warfare. Given the advances in the commercial world, the Pentagon has realized in some cases it may need to turn to nontraditional contractors to fill important roles and that it needs to ramp up its expertise in artificial intelligence.
  • Defense Contracting

    July 2018

    Granston Memo Could Impact Qui Tam Actions

    By Frederick Benson , Herbert L. Fenster and Peter Hutt II
    A January Department of Justice memorandum directs prosecutors to more seriously consider dismissing certain qui tam actions brought pursuant to the False Claims Act.
  • Robotics

    June 2018

    Industry Team Takes First Place in ThunderDrone Competition

    By Vivienne Machi
    A team of four companies recently achieved victory in a contest organized by Special Operations Command to explore ways to counter enemy unmanned aerial systems.
  • Defense Contracting

    May 2018

    Cost Overruns, Schedule Slips: The Norm, Not the Exception

    By John C. Johnson
    Numerous past government projects, such as infrastructure, federal buildings, hospitals, satellite programs and weapon systems, have suffered under cost overruns and schedule slips that resulted in billions of dollars of unplanned expenditures.
  • Defense Contracting

    April 2018

    GSA Unveils Plan for New Online Shopping Portal

    By Jennifer Plitsch , Susan B. Cassidy , Michael Wagner and Evan R. Sherwood
    Following instructions from Congress to create a new online shopping system leveraging existing commercial practices, the General Services Administration, in coordination with the Office of Management and Budget, has released an implementation plan to begin e-commerce purchases by 2019.
  • Defense Contracting

    March 2018

    Problems Persist with Commercial Item Rule

    By Kevin T. Barnett , Bryan Byrd , Jason Workmaster and Ryan Burnette
    On Jan. 31, the Defense Department published a final rule regarding commercial item purchasing. Among other amendments, the rule modifies the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement by: formalizing a presumption of commerciality for items that the department previously treated as commercial; providing commercial treatment to items offered by nontraditional defense contractors; and prioritizing the types of information that the contracting officer can consider when determining price reasonableness in the absence of adequate competition.
  • Defense Department

    January 2018

    Congress Pushes Stronger ‘Buy American’ Rules

    By Jeff Bozman , Justin M. Ganderson and Sandy Hoe
    Back in November, this column reported on several developments related to President Donald Trump’s “Buy American” executive order, which set forth a policy to “maximize … use of goods, products and materials produced in the United States” through federal procurements.
  • Budget

    January 2018

    HASC Chairman Urges Compromise to Reach Budget Deal

    With a budget deadline quickly approaching, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee urged politicians on both sides of the aisle to compromise on controversial issues in order to pave the way for an increase in defense spending.
  • Budget

    November 2017

    As Budget Deadline Looms, Top Lawmaker Sees Congress Heading Toward a 'Brick Wall'

    The ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee expressed doubt that Congress will reach an agreement on fiscal year 2018 appropriations before the latest continuing resolution expires.
Displaying 1-9 of 9 results