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Scanner Discriminates Between Dangerous, Safe Liquids 

10  2,012 

By Eric Beidel 

For those who have had their toothpaste or shampoo confiscated by agents at an airport security checkpoint, help may be on the way.

Columbus, Ohio-based Battelle has developed liquid scanning technology that can determine the potential threat posed by contents in containers.

The LS10 Liquid Scanner has dual sensing modalities that detect flammables, acids and explosive liquids and gels inside sealed or unopened glass, plastic, metal, paper and ceramic containers.

The device has its detection technology located under a tray and on two arms controlled by a lever. Operators press a screen to cue the system for the kind of container being scanned, be it a glass, plastic or a tube. Any item can be scanned within 10 seconds.

The machine lets the operator know if a liquid is safe to take through the security checkpoint or sounds an alarm if it poses a threat.

The product came together from two distinct technologies from different companies. It is a combination of Sellex International’s radio-frequency and Battelle’s ultrasonics scanning methods.

Battelle officials described the system as bringing air travelers a step closer to being able to carry their bottles of liquid through airport security.

Photo Credit: Battelle
Reader Comments

Re: Scanner Discriminates Between Dangerous, Safe Liquids

The airport in Great Falls, MT, had a liquid/gel screener. I didn't get a close look at it. I'm curious if that was made by Sellex.

Will Max on 10/02/2012 at 11:58

Re: Scanner Discriminates Between Dangerous, Safe Liquids

Interesting article aboute batelle

Chris on 09/14/2012 at 22:48

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