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NDIA Joins Mission-Critical STEM conference 



The United States needs a work force skilled in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and a notable group of companies and organizations is uniting to ensure that the nation gets the message.

This summer, thousands of education, policy and industry leaders will convene in Dallas for STEM Solutions 2012, a leadership summit that will bring the best minds and best practices together on a national stage to open the conversation and develop solutions to the STEM skills shortage.

Among the stakeholders who have signed on to the summit is the National Defense Industrial Association. As one of the conference’s co-chairs, NDIA will provide topical input, expertise and support throughout the planning stages, as well as during the conference.

NDIA’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Workforce Division provides a forum for effective interaction between government, industry, academia and the public at large for the strengthening of the national security STEM work force.

The event will be held June 27-29 at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. NDIA has negotiated a special program rate for members who register using code NDIA036.

To learn more about how to help shape the nation’s future by participating in STEM Solutions 2012, visit

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Re: NDIA Joins Mission-Critical STEM conference

STEM shortage??

Below data is from the National Center for Education Statistics. It lists STEM-related degrees conferred to U.S. citizen and permanent resident in 2008 and 2009.

Below that is another list from the 2010 Foreign Labor Certification Annual Report listing the occupations with more than 1000 permanent (residence) labor certifications (i.e., H-1B visa applications), with the Occupational Employment Statistics employment levels and gain/loss.

In the aggregate we have lost about 100,000 jobs in these "shortage" STEM occupations. Even within the "growth" occupations (those that saw a year-over-year gain in jobs), in almost all cases, foreign labor applicants exceeded employment growth; this fact absolutely disproves the labor shortage thesis.

Please read and understand what the data says – that there is NO shortage of skilled US STEM workers.

From the National Center for Education Statistics
_U.S._Citizen_and_Permanent_Resident_ STEM Related Degrees Conferred 2008 and 2009:

Natural Resources and Conservation
Doctorate Degrees: 585
Doctorate Degree-Research Scholarship: 208
Master’s Degrees: 4,802
Bachelor’s Degrees: 19,033
Associate’s Degrees: 2,388
Total 2008 and 2009: 27,016

Architecture and Related Services
Doctorate Degrees: 143
Doctorate Degree-Research Scholarship: 88
Master’s Degrees: 10,795
Bachelor’s Degrees: 19,267
Associate’s Degrees: 1,125
Total 2008 and 2009: 31,418

Communications Technologies/Technicians and Support Services
Doctorate Degrees: 6
Doctorate Degree-Research Scholarship: 752
Master’s Degrees:
Bachelor’s Degrees: 9,760
Associate’s Degrees: 8,904
Total 2008 and 2009: 19,422

Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services
Doctorate Degrees: 974
Doctorate Degree-Research Scholarship: 423
Master’s Degrees: 19,387
Bachelor’s Degrees: 73,795
Associate’s Degrees: 57,910
Total 2008 and 2009: 152,489

Doctorate Degrees: 4,136
Doctorate Degree-Research Scholarship: 2,410
Master’s Degrees: 38,459
Bachelor’s Degrees: 131,645
Associate’s Degrees: 4,373
Total 2008 and 2009: 181,023

Engineering Technologies/Technicians
Doctorate Degrees: 54
Doctorate Degree-Research Scholarship: 7
Master’s Degrees: 4,444
Bachelor’s Degrees: 29,557
Associate’s Degrees: 60,724
Total 2008 and 2009: 94,786

Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Doctorate Degrees: 6,979
Doctorate Degree-Research Scholarship: 2,800
Master’s Degrees: 16,305
Bachelor’s Degrees: 155,964
Associate’s Degrees: 4,482
Total 2008 and 2009: 186,530

Mathematics and Statistics
Doctorate Degrees: 1,001
Doctorate Degree-Research Scholarship: 456
Master’s Degrees: 6,349
Bachelor’s Degrees: 29,343
Associate’s Degrees: 1,698
Total 2008 and 2009: 38,847

Physical Sciences
Doctorate Degrees: 3,798
Doctorate Degree-Research Scholarship: 1,824
Master’s Degrees: 8,376
Bachelor’s Degrees: 42,710
Associate’s Degrees: 3,874
Total 2008 and 2009: 60,582

Science Technologies/Technicians
Doctorate Degrees: 5
Doctorate Degree-Research Scholarship:
Master’s Degrees: 45
Bachelor’s Degrees: 599
Associate’s Degrees: 2,817
Total 2008 and 2009: 3,466

Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences
Doctorate Degrees: 12,245
Doctorate Degree-Research Scholarship: 2,263
Master’s Degrees: 116,062
Bachelor’s Degrees: 230,794
Associate’s Degrees: 323,051
Total 2008 and 2009: 684,415

Total Degrees Conferred to US Citizens/Green Card Holders in STEM fields, 2008 and 2009
Doctorate Degrees: 29,926
Doctorate Degree-Research Scholarship: 10,479
Master’s Degrees: 225,776
Bachelor’s Degrees: 742,467
Associate’s Degrees: 471,346
Total 2008 and 2009: 1,479,994

From the 2010 Foreign Labor Certification Annual Report, the occupations with more than 1000 Permanent (Residence) Labor Certifications, with the Occupational Employment Statistics employment levels and gain/loss:

Computer Software Engineers, Applications
Number of Certifications: 9,854
OES Employment 2010: 499,280
OES Employment 2009: 495,500
Employment Gain/Loss: 3,780

Computer Systems Analysts
Number of Certifications: 5,695
OES Employment 2010: 495,800
OES Employment 2009: 512,720
Employment Gain/Loss: (16,920)

Computer Software Engineers,Systems Software
Number of Certifications: 4,038
OES Employment 2010: 378,920
OES Employment 2009: 385,200
Employment Gain/Loss: (6,280)

Computer and Information Systems Managers
Number of Certifications: 1,893
OES Employment 2010: 288,660
OES Employment 2009: 287,210
Employment Gain/Loss: 1,450

Electronics Engineers,Except Computer
Number of Certifications: 1,738
OES Employment 2010: 133,660
OES Employment 2009: 135,990
Employment Gain/Loss: (2,330)

Accountants and Auditors
Number of Certifications: 1,595
OES Employment 2010: 1,072,490
OES Employment 2009: 1,106,980
Employment Gain/Loss: (34,490)

Computer Programmers
Number of Certifications: 1,536
OES Employment 2010: 333,620
OES Employment 2009: 367,880
Employment Gain/Loss: (34,260)

Operations Research Analysts
Number of Certifications: 1,432
OES Employment 2010: 62,210
OES Employment 2009: 60,960
Employment Gain/Loss: 1,250

Market Research Analysts
Number of Certifications: 1,233
OES Employment 2010: Non Equiv. SOC
OES Employment 2009: Non Equiv. SOC
Employment Gain/Loss: N/A

Cooks, Restaurant
Number of Certifications: 1,115
OES Employment 2010: 901,310
OES Employment 2009: 898,820
Employment Gain/Loss: 2,490

Mechanical Engineers
Number of Certifications: 1,074
OES Employment 2010: 234,400
OES Employment 2009: 232,660
Employment Gain/Loss: 1,740

Financial Analysts
Number of Certifications: 1,042
OES Employment 2010: 220,810
OES Employment 2009: 235,240
Employment Gain/Loss: (14,430)

Network and Computer Systems Administrators
Number of Certifications: 1,034
OES Employment 2010: Non Equiv. SOC
OES Employment 2009: Non Equiv. SOC
Employment Gain/Loss: N/A

Electrical Engineers
Number of Certifications: 1,003
OES Employment 2010: 148,770
OES Employment 2009: 151,660
Employment Gain/Loss: (2,890)


Vincenzo on 05/14/2012 at 19:49

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