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Incoming Navy Chief Rewriting Catchwords 

10  2,005 

By NDIA Staff 

Changes in leadership in the military services often mean new bumper stickers. The chief of naval operations, Adm. Michael Mullen, is expected to substantially rewrite the service’s catchall “Sea Power 21” concept for conducting warfare and setting budget priorities. Sea Power 21 was the brainchild of Mullen’s predecessor, Adm. Vernon Clark. Mullen’s deputy, Adm. Robert F. Willard, says Sea Power 21 will “evolve,” and shift its focus from high-tech ships and weapons to the Navy’s expanding roles in ground operations and humanitarian relief. “It needs to expand a bit,” Willard says. “We need a different image of sea power.”

At a time when the Navy is struggling to define its priorities and is plagued by cost overruns in its shipbuilding programs, the chief of naval operations, Adm. Michael Mullen, has told every flag officer on his staff to read “Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done.” Written by former Honeywell CEO Larry Bossidy and two other authors, “Execution” asserts that the fundamental difference between a company and its competitors is the ability to execute.

While things like strategy, leadership development and innovation are the sexier aspects of being at the helm of a successful business, actually getting things done never seems quite as glamorous, the authors contend.

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