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Technology Helps Prevent Mid-Air Mishaps 

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Robert H. Williams 

Mid-air helicopter crashes may become a thing of the past. The Lahav division of Israel Aircraft Industries has developed a system that predicts collisions during tactical missions and formation flights.

Called the tactical mid-air collision avoidance system, it alerts pilots on the network of unexpected traffic with a 15-second or less impact path, a 40-meter or less gap between helicopters, or a hover-landing situation.

The network, said a company official, “calculates collision conditions using a dynamic, high-trajectory evaluation algorithm and automatically alerts the pilot with recommended avoidance measures if a potential collision is predicted.”

Among its key components are a global positioning system, data link, and radio altimeters that keep track of helicopters in the network.

Officials said the collision avoidance system possesses applications for both military and commercial aircraft.

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