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Reader Comments 

National Defense: The business and technology magazine of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)

What do some of National Defense's readers say about the publication?

  • "National Defense is a major supplier of my market trends for new business analysis."
  • "I read National Defense to sift for nuggets of information on world peace, threats of aggression, who and where our enemies are, what our friends are doing, and of course, the latest developments in arms and weaponry---things which the national media at times fails to report accurately."
  • "I want the truth and I get it on a timely basis in National Defense magazine."
  • "National Defense is the best publication provided for national defense interests and issues."
  • "National Defense frequently covers issues of critical importance to my business."
  • "National Defense provides great insight to trends in technical advancements across the defense industrial base."
  • "National Defense helps me stay abreast of new technology and top management views that will shape where DOD is headed in the next 5 years."
  • "Interface with industry/government in order to gain access to the market."