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Electronic Specifications 

National Defense Magazine, the NTSA Yearbook, and the I/ITSEC Show Daily are published through a fully digital, direct-to-plate workflow. In order for us to ensure correct, high quality output from your files, please follow these specifications.

Preferred format

PDF: High resolution PDFs with: 1. All fonts embedded (no True Type fonts accepted) 2. Correct color mode (CMYK or Grayscale) 3. 300 dpi resolution. 4. No OPI settings (Uncheck “Preserve OPI comments” in Advanced preferences)

Accepted formats

INDESIGN / QUARK XPRESS: All fonts and linked images must be supplied with the files. Fonts should be PostScript (Adobe Type 1) based fonts. Linked images (photos, logos etc.) must be supplied in TIFF or EPS formats. Avoid reducing large files in Indesign or QuarkXpress. Please avoid sending unnecessarily large/high-resolution files.

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR: All type set in Adobe Illustrator must be converted to paths. Files should be saved in .EPS format. Embedded PhotoShop files must be CMYK or grayscale.

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP: Files should be flattened and saved in .PSD or .TIF format. CMYK or grayscale color mode only.

Additional Specifications

  • Magazine Trim Size: 8.25 x 10.875
  • Line screen: 133 lpi (lines per inch)
  • National Defense and the NTSA Yearbook 
    are printed on a web-offset press
  • Files are output at 133 line screen for text pages and covers
  • Two-color ads must be saved as CMYK files
  • Please make sure all colors are CMYK – NO RGB COLORS
  • Black and white ads should be saved as grayscale files
  • Total density factors of all colors should not exceed 280%Files are output at 133 line screen for text pages and covers.

A hard-copy proof (laser print or fax proof) must be supplied so we can verify output. Color ads require a color proof.

How to Submit Advertising Materials:

Attn: Advertising
National Defense
2111 Wilson Blvd., Suite 400
Arlington, VA 22201-3061

Shipping Address

Kathleen Kenney, Sales Director
2111 Wilson Blvd
Ste. 400
Arlington, VA 22201 USA

Phone: (703) 247-2575
FAX: (703) 522-4602

Size Specifications

Please note that most ad sizes have changed slightly. Please use new specifications when possible, however the old are still acceptable.

AD layouts Size in Inches Bleed in Inches
Two-page spread* 16.50 x 10.875 16.75 x 11.125
Full page* 8.25 x 10.875 8.5 x 11.125
1/2 page horizontal 7.75 x 4.875 N/A
1/2 page island 4.877 x 6.875 N/A
1/2 page vertical 3.468 x 10.3 N/A
1/3 page vertical 2.171 x 10.3 N/A
1/3 page square 4.877 x 4.875 N/A
1/4 page horizontal 7.75 x 2.429 N/A
1/4 page vertical 3.60 x 4.875 N/A
1/6 page vertical 2.339 x 4.875 N/A
*Full Page Live Area 7.75 x 10.375