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Despite the good news stories emerging as the aircraft chalks up successes in real-world scenarios, foreign military sales for the Osprey have been lower than anticipated, analysts said.
Despite promising test results and decades of research and development, it could be many more years before the military is ready to bring directed energy weapons into the mainstream.
Sense-and-avoid technology is a conundrum for unmanned aerial vehicle engineers and researchers.

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Partnering Against Russia’s Bad Behavior
During the five decades of the Cold War, Sweden maintained a strictly neutral position. This is no longer the case. The nation today is seriously concerned about what it perceives as a delicate — perhaps deteriorating — international situation.
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Best of Times, Worst of Times for Air Power
Despite impressive achievements in aircraft production, air power today is being negated by the absence of reliable target spotters on the ground.
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Robot Truck Revolution to Benefit Military
The domestic trucking industry will soon be pulling out ahead of the military, and the economy of scale it can provide will drive down the cost of robotic systems and finally make it affordable for ground forces.
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