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 Ethics Corner

Ethics Programs Need Regular Improvements
Many know what an effective compliance program looks like, but how does it operate?
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 Government Contracting Insights

Confidentiality Agreements Create Challenges
Federal contractors who require employees to sign confidentiality agreements need to examine their agreements closely.
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NATO's information technology arm is beefing up its cyber capabilities to defend against potential attacks from state and non-state actors in the digital realm.
As the Defense Department Turns to crowdsourcing to help protect its information networks, Silicon Valley is in a position to revolutionize the way the Pentagon promotes cybersecurity.
The U.S. military is turning to contests that are open to nontraditional vendors to find innovative solutions to the growing danger posed by small enemy drones.

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National Defense Digital Edition

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 Chair's Perspective

Trump Aerospace Industry Tweets Misfire
President Donald Trump during the transition period leading to Inauguration Day continued to use a tactic he employed frequently during his campaign days, which is communicating via tweeting.
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 Defense Watch

Defense Industry At Risk of Losing the Future
The defense industry seems to be in denial about its capacity -- and lack of a strategy -- to recruit talent in STEM fields.
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 Technology Tomorrow

The Realities Facing the 'Trump Wall'
The Trump Wall will never be completed as envisioned before the new president leaves office even if he were to win a second term.
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In the February 2017 podcast, we look at how the role of special operations forces may change under a new administration, an innovative Defense Department cybersecurity program and how the Pentagon is using contests to counter enemy drones.