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Boeing is looking to increase investments in performance-based logistics in order to win more contracts with the Defense Department.
Assertions that our fleet is declining in size or comparing today’s fleet size to what it was at some point in history fundamentally discounts the fact that ships today can do far more than those of any other age.
An Army effort to equip infantry troops with a light combat vehicle is now underway, and officials are aiming to issue a request for proposals in fiscal year 2017.’sLightCombatVehicleGainingTraction.aspx

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Continuing Resolution an Unnecessary Evil
The likelihood grows that defense might be handicapped by another government shutdown, or sidetracked for weeks — if not months — as programs stumble along under yet another continuing resolution.
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National Security Tests for the Next President
Russian aggression in Ukraine, the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and the expansion of other violent extremist groups in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa are national security challenges facing the next president.
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Bomb Squads Need the Best Tools Available
Bomb squads — both military and civilian — deserve and need the very best technologies the nation can offer them. There are two reasons: going face to face with a bomb is dangerous work and bombs are a terrorist's go-to weapon.
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