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The recent enactment of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 represents a positive step. While this legislation does not give the Department of Defense 100 percent of the resources we and the president sought, it gives us most of what we need.
Russia is increasing its military presence along its northern border in the Arctic as sea ice melts and opens new water routes.
Despite the cloud of pessimism surrounding the bomber program’s prospects, the contract award — worth an estimated $80 billion in 2010 dollars — will be a shot in the arm for the U.S. aerospace industry.
Advances in simulation technologies and data links will revolutionize the way U.S. fighter pilots train, according to Defense Department officials and members of industry.

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The Year Ends on Some Positive Notes
There have been some positive developments during the past few weeks that pertain to our national security and the immediate health and future prospects of the nation’s defense industry.
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Mighty Pentagon Can’t Deny Market Forces
Key suppliers are exiting the military market, leaving the Pentagon with fewer options. And while innovation flows freely in the civilian economy, the Pentagon struggles to exploit commercial technology.
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 Technology Tomorrow

Searching High and Low for Innovation
The Pentagon is on the hunt for innovation and seems to be casting its eyes West. But what is “innovation” exactly? How will the Pentagon know it when it sees it?
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In the December podcast National Defense looks at a shipbuilder’s use of augmented reality technology to cut costs in the construction of the Navy’s Ford-class carriers, how new simulation technology will revolutionize the way fighter pilots train and the effects of the long-range strike bomber award on the defense industrial base.