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 Ethics Corner

Carefully Tailor Codes of Conduct
A company must be exceptionally careful about the language that it uses in describing and proscribing prohibited behavior to avoid running afoul of federal labor law.
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 Government Contracting Insights

Don’t Bank on Relief from DCAA Audits
On Nov. 20, the Defense Department published a proposed rule to amend the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. But as currently drafted, the rule offers no meaningful assurance of relief for contractors.
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Lockheed Martin is increasing investments in training and simulation technologies with the expectation that international and domestic demand for such systems will remain strong.
Commercial satellite communications providers are in the process of launching a new generation of high-capacity spacecraft that will be a boon for their military customers.
Uncertainty surrounds the future of homeland missile defense at a time of budget constraints and technology challenges.

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National Defense Digital Edition

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 President's Perspective

New Blood May Stem Industry Consolidation
It is a concern that as the defense industrial base has contracted it has resulted in a structure that is less conducive to price control and technological innovation.
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 Defense Watch

CEOs Not Yet Ready to Take a Gamble
Private investments in new technology by the top firms in the aerospace and defense industry have been on a downward slope, despite the constant pressure for innovation and growth.
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 Technology Tomorrow

Planetary Defense: A New Hot Market
If there is one thing more important than national defense, it’s planetary defense. There are objects in outer space that could potentially wipe out humanity and they are not malevolent little green men in spaceships.
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