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 Ethics Corner

Maintaining Integrity in Times of Change
Success in the defense and aerospace industry requires companies to push harder and further than ever before.
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 Government Contracting Insights

Use of FOIA in Contractor Claims Clarified
Earlier this year, Congress passed the FOIA Improvement Act of 2016 by codifying a presumption of openness, simplifying the process for submitting a request and clarifying ambiguities about an agency's ability to charge fees.
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Supports of the Pentagon's Defense Innovation Unit-Experimental are touting its value as the future of the organization hangs in the balance.
The first target Russia or China will go after in a shooting war may not be an F-35, an air base, or even an aircraft carrier. These peer competitors will probably attempt to take down the U.S. military’s communications enterprise first.
At a facility in northern Maryland, engineers can now test the durability and comfort of fabrics in a flash storm or a raging fire, no matter what the outside temperature may be.

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 Chair's Perspective

Pursuing New Opportunities in 2017
In the midst of a historic transition in government that will result in many changes to strategic priorities and defense policy, we anticipate new opportunities to engage with defense leaders to make a positive impact during 2017.
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 Defense Watch

Red Flags Raised on Defense Industry Future
Every industry fears disruption and the defense sector, particularly, tends to resist change.
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 Technology Tomorrow

Federal Crowdsourcing Programs at Risk
The idea of awarding money to a person or team that achieves some kind of technological breakthrough goes back over a century.
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In the January 2017 podcast, we look at the challenges facing a critical Navy communications satellite program, how the service is looking to equip its next littoral combat ships with unmanned systems and the future of the Defense Department's new innovation unit.