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 Ethics Corner

New Issues Regarding False Claims Act
There were two recent developments regarding the False Claims Act that will likely have a significant impact on the defense contract community.
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 Government Contracting Insights

Pondering the End of Nation Building
In a speech delivered Aug. 15, presidential candidate Donald Trump made the following statement: "If I become president, the era of nation building will be brought to a very swift and decisive end."
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Defense analysts expect that Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would push for higher levels of defense spending if elected president, but it's less clear which programs would benefit or suffer during their tenure in the Oval Office.
The Annual Naval Technology Exercise 2016 focused on cross-domain communication between unmanned systems, featuring over 300 personnel and 30 companies.
A wave of new simulation technology is helping Army personnel improve their cognitive skills so they can make better decisions faster during battles.

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National Defense Digital Edition

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 President's Perspective

Slow Pace of Modernization a Vicious Cycle
Last month, I discussed the national security challenges that will be inherited by the new president upon taking office in January.
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 Defense Watch

Political Headwinds in Foreign Arms Market
Some of the most auspicious markets for U.S. weapon systems have been the Middle East and Turkey, and although there is so far no clear evidence that this will change, there could be cause for concern.
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 Technology Tomorrow

The Human Factor in Autonomous Machines
The Defense Science Board recently released a report that addressed autonomous systems in the military. One of its main conclusions was that for the technology to make inroads and be accepted, users must "trust" the machines.
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In the September podcast National Defense looks at how the F-35 joint strike fighter is gaining more support as the Marine Corps and Air Force variants reach major program milestones, how the Pentagon's nuclear modernization plans could be downsized during the final months of the Obama administration, and a new, strong fiber for soldier's protective garments genetically engineered from spider silk.