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 Ethics Corner

Balancing the Rules for Gifts, Hospitality
Managing ethics and compliance issues around gifts and hospitality is challenging.
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 Government Contracting Insights

Cybersecurity a Risk for Boards of Directors
Reports and survey data clearly indicate that cyber attacks on businesses are pervasive and growing rapidly.
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Many questions remain as to what the next-generation A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft will look like, but the Air Force could pursue a number of paths.
For close to two decades, critics have taken shots at the F-35 joint strike fighter -- and they had plenty of ammunition.
Japan's plan to acquire a next-generation fighter jet to replace the aging F-2 could offer a major business opportunity for aerospace firms, and U.S. defense primes would have the edge in any international competition.

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 President's Perspective

New President to Face Clear-Cut Choices
Whoever emerges victorious in November will face a number of vexing problems to do with the federal budget process, defense funding levels and political resistance.
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 Defense Watch

Acquisition Reforms Reach Critical Overload
House and Senate conferees are in the final stretch of the debate over hundreds of provisions that will end up in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act.
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 Technology Tomorrow

Chem-Bio Field Suffers a Knowledge Gap
One of the underlying messages at a recent conference at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland was that the mission to protect warfighters from chemical and biological weapons doesn't receive a whole lot of attention in the halls of the Pentagon.
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In the September podcast National Defense looks at how the F-35 joint strike fighter is gaining more support as the Marine Corps and Air Force variants reach major program milestones, how the Pentagon's nuclear modernization plans could be downsized during the final months of the Obama administration, and a new, strong fiber for soldier's protective garments genetically engineered from spider silk.