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 Ethics Corner

Managing Supplier-Related Corruption Risks
Recent regulatory developments have placed companies across all industry sectors on alert that supplier relationships must be proactively managed to avert corruption risks.
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 Government Contracting Insights

Implications of Cyber Clauses in Contracts
On August 26 and December 30, the Department of Defense issued interim rules that greatly expanded the obligations imposed on defense contractors for safeguarding covered defense information and for reporting cybersecurity incidents.
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In December, DARPA kicked off its Squad X Core Technologies program as a way to provide dismounted soldiers and Marines with better situational awareness in treacherous and degraded environments.
While its doors have only been open a few short months, SOFWERX, an institute designed to facilitate communication between the technology community and U.S. Special Operations Command, is already having a positive impact, its leaders said.
The fight over who will provide space launch services to the Air Force — and which rocket engine will be used to put payloads into orbit — is in full burn, pitting the Pentagon, Congress and members of industry against one another.

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National Defense Digital Edition

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 President's Perspective

The Third Offset May Already Be Here
The question remains, what will the third offset actually be? Is it, perhaps, already with us and is as yet unrecognized?
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 Defense Watch

Survival of the Fittest in the Industrial Base
There has been no soft landing for many of the small and mid-size companies that sell equipment to the military, and the downturn has been especially tough on contractors whose livelihood for years was tied to war spending.
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 Technology Tomorrow

‘If You’re Not Fielding, You’re Failing’
Ground robots on the battlefield are always seemingly a decade away on someone’s technology roadmap.
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