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A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Save Navy Billions
Spending their operational lives in or near the ocean, Navy ships and Marine Corps vehicles are especially susceptible to the corrosive effects of salt water.
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In 2000, as brutal rebel groups threatened to swarm the Sierra Leone capital of Freetown, just a few hundred British special forces troops threw them back into the jungle, effectively ending a decade-long civil war.
With the polar ice in the Arctic receding more quickly in summer months, the Department of Homeland Security’s science and technology directorate is turning its attention to the region.
It’s clear that the Navy intends to buy a carrier-based unmanned aircraft able to conduct reconnaissance and, if needed, strike a target. But after years of deliberation among service officials, industry remains confused on some requirements.’sCarrier-BasedDrone.aspx

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Should the Pentagon Rescue Ailing Suppliers?
Many Pentagon contractors will not survive the defense budget cuts that began in 2010 and will continue through the decade.
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