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With the end of U.S. Army Chinook orders in sight, Boeing’s Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, plant is hoping to hum past 2019 on international purchases, company officials said.
Ground robots from the outset of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were hailed as life-savers and an example of how off-the-shelf technologies could be sped into the field without the cumbersome Defense Department bureaucracy.
In an inconspicuous building on the Dam Neck Annex is the entrance to what many here call HEL — not a fiery netherworld, but the Harsh Environment Lab where Navy scientists and engineers are developing cutting edge technologies, including 3-D printing.
The military needs to train in the United States the way it fights overseas, but to do so requires the use of radio spectrum.

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Golden Age of Federal Contracting Is Over
The political paralysis in Washington has dealt crushing blows to the national security establishment. There are no predictable budgets for the Pentagon to map out its weapons wish list, or for contractors to project their future business.
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