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The last day of July the Marine Corps declared that a squadron of F-35B joint strike fighters was ready for combat. But analysts warned that there is a lot of work remaining for the Marines before the aircraft reaches its full potential.
The latest Russian military intervention in Ukraine is forcing NATO to refocus its attention on its eastern flank. But concerns about a resurgent Russia will not prompt a large boost in alliance procurement, according to analysts.
Now some experts say the Scottish National Party — with its increased influence after winning 56 seats in Parliament — may push for the dismantling of the Trident program and potentially squash any chance of a replacement.

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Congress Should Follow Its Budget Rules
As we move toward the end of fiscal year 2015 and the official Oct. 1 beginning of fiscal year 2016, once again we find ourselves facing the prospect of no approved budget reflected in appropriations bills.
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Management Shakeup Looms at Defense
When a new secretary of defense takes the helm at the Pentagon at the outset of the next administration, he or she will have to deal with a potentially chaotic staff reorganization that Congress signed into law.
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Face It: The World Is a Hacker’s Playground
Reading the headlines lately is enough to make folks go to a used car lot and buy a 1999 Mazda Protege for their next “new” automobile.
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