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In the future, unmanned aerial systems will hold even more utility as they become faster, stealthier and more autonomous, experts said.
Prime contractors prepare to compete for the JSTARS recapitalization program.The next version of the aircraft will have a smaller airframe, along with updated radar, communications and battle management suites.
The Coast Guard has laid out an ambitious modernization and recapitalization plan for its future fleet of cutters and aircraft, but experts and government watchdogs have thrown cold water on it.

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Realities of the Defense Industrial Base
Policymakers need to understand that the defense industrial base is no longer the major presence in the U.S. economy that it once was.
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Dirty Little Secrets of the Cyber Business
It is one of the unwritten rules of venture-funded technology companies that they should stay as far away from government contracts as they possibly can. Unless they are cybersecurity contracts.
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Hypersonic Weapons Race Gathers Speed
The hypersonic arms race is little talked about outside of military circles, but it should be. The winner would presumably have a huge strategic advantage over its rivals.
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