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Troops Could Look to Their Soles For Power
As American combat gear becomes ever more sophisticated, the problem of how to power weapon sights and communication equipment has become acute.
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A fully autonomous aircraft or vehicle able to carry supplies and equipment in and out of challenging, dynamic environments remains a technology of the future.
After authorizing construction of at least 20 littoral combat ships, the Navy may soon dramatically change course on its decade-long, multi-billion dollar experiment to build a relatively inexpensive surface combatant.
When a typhoon rampaged through the Philippines last year, the Marine Corps should have had four amphibious ships ready to depart from Sasebo, Japan. All four were tied up in maintenance.

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In Global Trends, Warnings for U.S. Industry
American contractors rule the international defense market, propelled by the overwhelming dominance of the United States as a military power and arms developer. Their lead is safe for now, but there are early signs of slippage.
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