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 Ethics Corner

Ethics Violators May Soon Do ‘Perp Walks’
Until now, the efforts of corporate ethics and compliance officers to create and sustain a strong ethical culture have been hampered by the absence of any real threat that those responsible for corporate wrongdoing will end up doing the “perp walk.”
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 Government Contracting Insights

DoD’s Antitrust Battle Ends Peacefully
Since late last September, defense industry observers have witnessed an unusual public display of discord over the standards for determining whether a merger of defense contractors should proceed.
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The Defense Department's notoriously slow acquisition system is creating headaches for commercial technology firms.
One of the defense industry's most secretive technology developers is making a big bet on commercial robots.
As India pours billions of dollars into upgrading its military, U.S. defense contractors are looking to establish partnerships in the region to grab a piece of the pie.

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National Defense Digital Edition

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 Chair's Perspective

National Security at an Inflection Point
We are currently standing at a crossroads and 2016 may well be remembered as a significant inflection point for U.S. national security.
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 Defense Watch

Facing Up to the True Cost of Defense
Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has appealed to Congress on multiple occasions to pass the president's 2017 budget.
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 Technology Tomorrow

Researchers Ponder Navigation Beyond GPS
Way back in 1966, a pair of Aerospace Corporation researchers prepared a report for the commander of the Air Force’s Space System Division on how a satellite navigation system might work.
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