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NATO Chief Worries About China 

12  2,005 


Marine Gen. James Jones, military chief of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and head of the U.S. European Command, is worried about growing Chinese influence in Africa. “It’s beyond question that China is the most aggressive country economically in Africa,” he tells reporters. China is seeking closer ties with nations in the oil-rich continent, especially Sudan, to sate its rapidly increasing appetite for energy, he added.

The United States needs to do more in the region, Jones says. He quoted one African diplomat as saying: “We love the United States. You’re always telling us what we should do. Now, China is giving us the things that you say we need.” Beijing, Jones says, is flooding the region with free scholarships in China and aid both in the economic and military sectors. “It’s something we have to worry about.”

Reported by Sandra I. Erwin and Harold Kennedy

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